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According to libertarianism, free will and determinism are incompatible, and free will is possible. Naturally, the existence of free will for libertarians depends on determinism being false. The problem with this idea is that a worry about luck leaps out: if our actions are not determined by the past and laws of nature, then there is no contrastive explanation for why, say, i decided to write this sentence rather than another one. If i freely decide to write this sentence now, then this action is not a consequence of the past and laws of nature. This means that, given the same past and laws, i could have decided to do otherwise. But how is that possible? If i decide to do otherwise given the same circumstances, there is nothing about my abilities, powers, mental states and the like that will explain the difference in decision. If so, it seems that my decision is just a matter of luck, something that cannot be a free action. That is why libertarians worry so much about luck. Now, one can draw a negative thesis from this worry; perhaps the libertarian view of free will is incoherent after all. Perhaps free will does not require the ability to do otherwise. I shall not make these claims here, however. My move in this talk is another one. I argue that if the luck argument is cogent, then it may be used to justify local miracle compatibilism (lmc). According to lmc, agents are able to act in a way such that the laws of nature would be broken, even though agents are not able to break the laws of nature. Helen beebee has argued that this distinction is unjustified. Beebee"s main worry is that there is no account of laws consistent with lmc. She also argued that one symptom of this worry is that there is a counterexample to lmc. Even though the counterexample has been responded (Oakley 2006; Graham 2008), no one has yet replied to the main worry. My claim in this talk is that the local miracle compatibilist can avoid the main worry by appealing to the luck argument. I show that the explanatory formulation of the argument justifies the claim that free actions cannot be divergence miracles.

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