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Call for Papers

International Workshop: Hermeneutical Husserl, Transcendental Heidegger 

June 19th-20th 2017

Institute for Humanities, Diego Portales University

Santiago, Chile


Invited Keynote Speakers: 

Steven Crowell (Rice University, USA)

Roberto Walton (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


The classical take on the Husserl-Heidegger relation cashes out the core difference between their philosophies in terms of the distinction between a transcendental (reflective) phenomenology and a hermeneutic (existential) one.  

In the last two decades, however, such a view—as well as its underlying assumptions, namely, the transcendental subjectivist trend in Husserl’s thought and the existential hermeneutical one in Heidegger—has begun to be challenged. Crowell & Malpas’ 2007 Transcendental Heidegger gather and systematize the way in which Heidegger could be read as a transcendental philosopher in his own right, in such a way that subjectivity, reflection, reasons and the like are not concepts to be avoided when approaching his work, even if Heidegger himself rarely uses them. In the same vein, some recent work has brought to light Husserl’s emphasis on experience as meaningful, his work on practices, culture, normativity and normality, and the importance of the notions of responsibility and intersubjectively construed authority within Husserl’s account of reason. 

This international workshop aims to present and examine some of the main virtues of these novel approaches to Husserl and Heidegger as well as their limitations and their potential for further developments. 


We invite contributions that address any of these problems. Both papers that focus on the importance of this theoretical shift for the understanding of the Husserl-Heidegger relation as well as those addressing some specific problem in Husserl or Heidegger under the light of this new way of reading them are welcome.

4 slots for a 45-minute talk (followed by 30 minutes Q&A and discussion) are available.

Please submit 1000 words abstract - or complete papers - 

NEW Deadline for the submission of papers: April 30th 2017.

Notification of acceptance: May 6th 2017.


Please send papers or abstracts as .doc or .pdf prepared for blind review to bernardo.ainbinder@udp.cl (cc bainbinder@gmail.com) and provide personal details and professional affiliation in the mail itself. 

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19 Jun 2017 - 20 Jun 2017
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4 slots for a 45-minute talk (followed by 30 minutes Q&A and discussion) are available.

Please submit 1000 words abstract - or complete papers - 

Institute for Humanities, Diego Portales University

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