Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier / City Museum Simeonstift Trier

Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier

5th May to 21st Oct 2018

The Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier will shed light on Karl Marx and his century under the heading „LIFE. WORKS. TIME.“ Marx`s intellectual and political career will be traced on an exhibition space of approximately 1,000m2. The 19th century with its economic and social changes proved formative for the philosopher and subsequent economist. This eventful and tension-filled time was characterised by demands for freedom and democracy as well as industrialisation and urbanisation.

Born into a period characterised by the economic aspirations of the bourgeoisie, he soon encountered censorship, repression and poverty. Marx underwent a rapid development from philosopher, radical democrat, to communist and social critic, and his capacity as a journalist became a revolutionary through words. After he failed Revolutions of 1848, he continued his economic studies in exile in London, where he developed his analysis of the increasingly emerging capitalist system that continues to be discussed to this day.


City Museum Simeonstift Trier

The exhibition „Stages in a lifetime“ at the City Museum Simeonstift in Trier portrays Karl Marx’s chequered life, which began in Trier in 1818. The tour traces his life’s journey from Marx`s childhood and youth in Trier, his university years and first professional experience, to his exile in London, where he spent more than half of his life and died in 1883. The stations of his life are used to illustrate important developments and turning points. What role did Trier, Paris, and London play in the life of Marx and his family? Which individuals and circumstances influenced the young thinker? What did he think of his admirers and critics?

These and many other questions will be explored on the basis of personal contemporary documents and accounts of his life, amongst other things that on 600m2 of exhibition space will illustrate the biography of Karl Marx and provide a vivid image of the man behind the icon.


05 Mai 2018 > Ocorrido há 942 dias
05 Mai 2018 - 21 Out 2018


The jubilee programme on occasion of the bicentennial of Karl Marx’s birth comprises a wide range of public events throughout the year. Numerous players in the fields of culture and education contribute to providing the jubilee programme, including the Trier universities, the Trier Theatre, the Kultur-und Kommunikationszentrum Tuchfabrik (Cultural and Communication Centre), the Bildungs-und Medienzentrum (Education and Media Centre) and creative artists from the Freie Szene Independent art scene. A scientific symposium under the aegis of the German Commission for UNESCO, music and theatre productions, lecture series, guided tours and art installations shed light on various aspects of Marx’s life and work as well as on current issues in the fields of society and labour. Two important cooperation partners in the jubilee programme are the Museum Karl-Marx-Haus and the Trier Cathedral Museum.

Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier
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