III Symposium in Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care

II Symposium in Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care 

Theme: The Philosophy of Person Centered Health Care (PCH)


Sponsor: FAPERGS


May 24, 2018

1400-1415 – Opening (Luiz Rohden, Coordinator PPG Filosofia Unisinos; Marco Antonio Azevedo, Coordinator of 3rd SPMHCP).

1415-1515 – Opening Conference: The Philosophy of PCH. Michael Loughlin (European Society for Person Centered Health Care -  ESPCH)

15:15-16:00 – Debate

1600-1615 – Coffee Break

1615-1715 – Roundtable: Person-Centered Health Care, Family Medicine and Patient Safety: PCH in practice. Helena Barreto dos Santos (HCPA) e Francisco Arsego de Oliveira (UFRGS).

17:15-17:45 – Debate

17:45-18:45 – Roundtable: Caring the dying person. Jairo Othero (MD, PhD Philosophy Unisinos) e Edison Moraes Rodrigues Filho (MD, Graduate Student Unisinos)

18:45-19:15 – Debate

19:15-20:00 – Interval for Dinner

2000-2200 – Conference: Caring and respecting persons in healthcare. Darlei Dall’Agnol (UFSC)


May 25, 2018

1400-15:45 – Trolley Group Roundtable (Mediator: Bianca Andrade, Graduate Student Unisinos/CAPES)

- Marcelle Coelho do Rosário (Graduate Student Unisinos/CAPES)

- Fernando Schell Pereira (Master Program Unisinos)

- Rafael Felipe Fontes (Undergraduate Student Unisinos/FAPERGS)

15:45-16:00 – Coffee Break

1600-1700 – Gadamer, the I-thou relationship and caring the person in Healthcare. Luiz Rohden (Unisinos) and Marco Antonio Azevedo (Unisinos)

17:00-17:30 - Debate

1730-1830 – Disorders of Consciousness and Personhood: Finding Room in PCH. Bianca Andrade (Graduate Student Unisinos/CAPES) and Marco Antonio Azevedo (Unisinos)





1830-19:15 – Dabate

19:15-20:00 – Interval for Dinner

2000∕2200 – Closing Conference: Metaphysical Care. Alexandra Parvan (University of Pitesti)



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